The Assessment Advantage

Know how your business is performing and areas that need improvement with Arena’s assessment of your financial health.


Having a short and longer term strategy is important for every business. A strategy should be visionary in the out years and ambitious yet achievable in the near term.

The Business Health Assessment looks at the quality of your business strategy.

  • Is your strategy taking into consideration market headwinds,
  • Focused on the right target market for your product and/or service,
  • Leveraging the right go to market strategy,
  • Able to financially achieve,
  • Flexible enough to adjust course if necessary


A financial plan is crucial to every business. It answers the tough questions like “Do I have enough money to make my vision come to life?”

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The Business Health Assessment evaluates your financial plan.

  • Whether your business has a financial plan
  • That includes revenue and expenses
  • And takes into account past trends and lead times for sales and marketing
  • While achieving a quality profit margin
  • And being able to weather unforeseen circumstances


Paying your bills at the right time with the right payment method is the cornerstone of managing cash flow well. Timely invoicing and receiving money for products or services sold is also critical to running a business.

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The Business Health Assessment looks at the day to day management of your business.

  • When you pay your vendors,
  • How you have structured payment terms,
  • What methods of payments you use when you make payments,
  • How you invoice your clients,
  • What are your net terms for service, how long does it take to get paid.


Choosing a few key metrics to measure your progress against your goals is important to staying on track and focused for any business.

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The Business Health Assessment evaluates measurement tools.

  • Whether your business has a a regular review of performance,
  • That includes actuals vs. forecast
  • And other key metrics like profit margin,
  • Along with at least 2 industry specific metrics
  • And customer-focused metrics like satisfaction, time to close, and retention

Our Commitment

We believe that your growth will start with our managed process. We deliver qualified advice from CFOs who understand your business with tools to create a successful financial plan and regularly measure progress.

Our Expert Staff

Take the assessment today for your business. With Arena, you can have an expert finance team to guide informed operational investment decisions about your business and provide a solid strategy optimized for your goals.