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Now any business can operate as efficiently as a large company. With Arena, you can have an expert finance team that creates a financial plan and regularly measures progress.

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Life Before Arena

Before Arena, life looked like…

  • Manual payments and bookkeeping
  • Looking backwards
  • Reactive business planning
  • Ad hoc analysis and reporting
  • Inability to anticipate performance
  • Using owners’ personal funds to cover funding gaps
  • Higher costs of capital for last minute needs

Life With Arena

With Arena, life looks like…

  • Access to a highly qualified CFO who understands your business
  • Forward-focus
  • Reporting with industry-specific KPIs
  • Informed financial forecast
  • Clean books updated in real time
  • Payment strategy optimized for your goals
  • Informed operational investment decisions

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Arena CFO Lite

  • Monthly updates of your financials and business metrics
  • 3 year financial forecast with annual refresh
  • Budget v actuals variance analysis and insights

Arena CFO

Arena CFO Lite, plus

  • Investor and board reporting
  • Business KPI analysis and reporting
  • Vendor contract review and negotiation
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Scenario planning
  • Capital planning

Arena CFO Custom

Arena CFO, plus

  • Lending preparation
  • Exit planning
  • Acquisition evaluation
  • Expansion analysis
  • Cap table management
  • Board seat

Add-on Features Available

+ Bookkeeping
+ Invoicing
+ Partner Financing
+ Arena Pay platform and capabilities, including cash flow optimization
+ Additional CFO support

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